POCTEFA Habios partners take part in the International Woodpecker Conference.

The eighth edition of the International Woodpecker Conference, an event which brought together more than one hundred specialists and researchers into the biology, management and conservation of woodpeckers and their forest habitats, was held in Bialowieza (Poland) from 17 to 19 March 2019. Three POCTEFA Habios partners (GAN-NIK, Hazi and CTFC) and other associates (Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Government of Navarre) attended, contributing papers and posters on tracking the white-backed woodpecker and middle spotted woodpecker, and on the relationship between woodpeckers and forest bats. The video publicising the project was also presented. Taking part meant that it was possible to disseminate the objectives and results of Habios to the scientific community, and favour the fruitful exchange of ideas and techniques.